Saturday, January 7, 2012

Split pea soup with Gouda-Kielbasa panini

1 bag (16 oz) dried split green peas (or similar dried bean or pea) 
1 pound sausage such as smoked Kielbasa
1/2 pound Gouda
1 ham bone
12 cups of Chicken Stock
2 medium onions, medium dice
3-4 celery stalks, medium slice
4 large cloves of garlic, minced
2+ teaspoons dried thyme
1 large bay leaf
pinch ground clove

Put ham bone in bottom of large pot, I think that is 8 quart, and cover with chicken stock.

Below is the chicken stock, I had made it yesterday and will can it on Monday. Actually that is less than half of the chicken stock. 

Add the sliced celery

The diced onion is added then cut the Kielbasa in to 6 inch lengths, then slice length wise and add.


Mince the garlic

Stir, cover and over low heat, let gently simmer 90 minutes.

Ready for step two, get the sausage and the ham bone out and set aside.

Mustard, should be German, but this is the closest I have, regular Koop's Mustard would be good. Must be coarse.

Just regular Gouda.


One slice of good bread per person. This is going under a high flame broiler, so put it on fire proof tray on foil.

The sausage

Shred the cheese.

Add a cup of the cheese to the soup.

Cover the bread with mustard.

Cut the sausage into spoon sized pieces.

Cut the ham off the bone and into spoon sized pieces.

Mix the remainder of the cheese and half of the sausage pieces.

Cover the bread with the cheese sausage mixture

The ham and the remainder of the sausage goes back in the soup, discard the bone.

Put the cheese and sausage covered bread under the broiler, a high broiler if there is a choice.

Keep an eye on this, in 60-90 seconds rotate the fire proof and pull out after a total of 2 to 3 minutes - don't burn the bread.

The Soup

The Sandwich


Refrigerate the rest of the soup and the cheese sausage mixture, there should be enough left for another lunch. Soup after that can be frozen, and make a new cheese sausage mixture, with about 1/4 the amount listed here.

Camera Nikon D-90 AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm f2.5-5.65G
with internal flash.

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