Sunday, December 4, 2011


For Christmas or the Winter Solstice, take your choice, we gave the nieces and nephews - seven of them, a collection of recipes we use.

Here we have published our adaptation of those, I have gone and looked for both those few posts I have done on The Art of The Pig for a specific recipe and for techniques. If I find more that fit I will include them. Two of the posts currently have a link to a downloadable PDF version, the others should have the same by tomorrow.

Feel free to use, to modify, to pass on. If you use our instructions and our photos give us credit - Virginia L. Dyson and Warner W. Johnston. If you start ringing in your own variations, which is what we have done with all of these, drop us a comment on your blog.

The goal is to publish this, but that is at least years in the future and I've no interest in a publishing house real or vanity. It would be some Internet house, or  perhaps just a really big PDF file.

Last I looked we have almost 800 cookbooks, and that doesn't count things like the third copy of Julia Child Mastering Vol. I, because the first two the pages are sticky.

The first entries will vary as some of them are from another blog and there is a limit to the rework I wish to do. 

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